Department of Education

  • Year of Establishment: 1966
  • Location: Old Library Building


This Department came into being at the time of the establishment of the college. B.A. Honours (now Major) course was introduced in the department in 1979. The founder teacher of the department was Madhab Chandra Nath. Subsequently, Bhupen Das, Sri Srijan Chandra Nath, Sri Umesh Chandra Bhattacharyya joined the department. But Madhab Chandra Nath and Bhupen Das left early. Srijan Chandra Nath, Umesh Chandra Bhattacharyya served for long periods of time till their retirements. Some other teachers like Vedanta Kumar Saikia, Gita Basumatary and Naba Kamal Gayan also served for brief periods. Abdul Mannaf Sikdar joined the department in 1990 and retired in 2018. From this department, Nazneen Akhtar became the university topper in 2003 when she got 2nd class 1st position (there being no 1st class) in B. A. Final Examination.

Course Offered

  • HS Course
  • Three years (six semesters) Degree Course (B.A), Major & General


Dr. Damodal Choudhury

Associate Prof.


Nayan Moni Hazarika

Asst. Prof.


Jonali Das

Asst. Prof.

Sima Pathak

Asst. Prof.

Research Project Details

Nayan Mani Hazarika had completed two UGC sponsored Minor Research Projects, the first one in 2009 on Historical Movements in Upper Assam and the second one in 2011 on A study of the Arts and Architecture in Medieval Assam with special reference to the Ahom Period.


The Department has one laptop with INTERNET facilities. The Department organizes academic activities for the benefits of the students. The teachers of the Department offer informal counseling to students from time to time.


History department regularly organizes group discussions, seminars among the students within the department. The faculties of this department offer informal career counseling to students from time to time. Occasionally the department organizes field trip or exposure visit for students to various places. The department also co-operates in activities of Society for Humanities and Social Sciences which felicitates the outstanding students.

Examination Results

TDC (Only Major) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
No. of 1st Class -- -- 1 -- 2
No. of 2nd Class 1 -- 3 -- 3
Pass Percentage